Copy Prop  --- Copyright Property
Digital version of paper safety sites and for protection of your Copyrightable Property.

Copyright registration laws are biased toward large publishing entities and often don't protect the artist as one might expect.

We offer you digital safety and publishing or non-published origination proof for your copyrightable properties.  We also offer advice on how to handle copyright issues.

|We are artists who care about artists
The five year trap is good for big companies but as an individual small company or artist you are at a disadvantage.  Copyright is automatic.  You don't have to file to own copyright.  You own it by claiming it.  The problem is proving that it's yours and you had it first.  That's where we come in.  We are an independent holding company for your published and unpublished materials.  |We become the proof, if necessary, that the property is yours and that we have had it since you created it first.

Our commitment it individuals comes from experience.
Bay City Rollers and Sin Whispers with Rock and Roll Love Letter is just one of many many examples of copyright arguments that did not go the way of the little guy.

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